04 Maret 2016


"berapa lama anda ditempatkan di Surabaya?"
"atas alasan apa saya harus menjawab keingintahuanmu?"
"saya hanya ingin memastikan berapa banyak waktu yang saya miliki untuk merayu anda."


"where are you?"
"on my way. Why?"
"we have a routine briefing this morning. Don't be late!"


"i like your lips, i wanna bite them terderly"
"damn you! As i remember, I'm the one who wanna seduce you. Why did you take my role?"
"bcause i can't hold my desire, i lost focus on my work. After bite yours, i guess i can work well."
"we should try."
"where are you now? I'll come into you."
"in my room. NOW!"


"that was awesome. Thanks, Darling."
"pleasure is mine, Sir."
"saved by the bell."
"hahahaha YES! And now, i think i'm addicted to you."
"good. Then I'm not alone."


"good luck for your presentation. I hope my kisses on your cheeks can boost your spirit."
"absolutely, Sir. Thanks and please give my warmest kisses for your babyboy. See you tomorrow morning. Don't forget to delete our history chat."


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