23 Februari 2021

Hunting, doing, leaving.




“hai there”

“hai you, it’s really nice to match you. Have a nice day”



“how about move to whatsapp?”




“hai bu dosen.”

“hai, how could you know? I never mention that on my profile there.”

“welcome to digital era.”

“nice. You’re profiling me huh?”



“Because I wanna be your friend, not just sex buddy.”

“Pardon me?”

“yeah, if I just wanna fuck, I’m not gonna spend my energy to looking for who you are, how do you do for your life, I don't know, somehow i feel like we're connected. Ah i even looking for your recent location.”

“You’re looking for my recent location?” 

“yes. I have resources.”

“oh no. you can just ask me, and i’ll answer everything.”

“I’m not sure.”


He called.

He talked.

He’s “someone”, he’s special.

He’s extremely hot. Even in his age, 50 I guess. Another old man come into my life.

He’s cool, super cool, super hot, his voice is omg; I just can’t handle his whispering voice.

Yah, he’s so special.

But not for me.

At the end, he’s just like any other man out there.

Hunting, doing, leaving.



That was the beginning of me feeling easily get bored.

I guess I start to love being alone again.

Do everything by myself. 



But, being with him for the rest of my life sounds perfect. 


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