28 Juli 2012

Daily Make Up with Oriflame

yes, i have new make-up brand. 
O r i f l a m e .

they're making me feel so comfort
adorable and easy to get

here they are :

for my eyeshadow, i choose this color, because this is really simple, and natural.
even i can choose pink or another smootie red color, but brown and black can be my bestfriend i think.
brown for my morning/afternoon and black for my night-out :*
 i'm just not ready enough to be a woman (on makeup), so i can't leave this one :D
this one makes me remember my teenage stories, my senior high school and college.
glossy lips is the best when i feel so bored, and YES red is my fav for lips.
sexy and so tempting :))
ahaaah this baby always help to turning on my speech :p 
this color makes me feel smart, mature, and confident

 This helped enhance my eyebrows
soft, natural, and beautiful

I love my cheek, and this product makes it look much more beautiful

 this is cutest-powder-with-glitter-in-it ever.
the color is soft and more appropriate for night-events, but i keep use it all day long :))
try them ! trust me ..

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