10 April 2020

To The Fullest


One beautiful night, no no no, evening.
I decide to go the place out of the blue.
I order the same drink again.
The same mixed fruit ofc but without melon cos you can't eat that.

I like cafe or bar with live performance band, especially rock genre. 
I like jazz too, but jazz tends to burn my imagination into wild place, so rock is fine. 
I like rock, but you're a jazz musician.
Isn't it cute? 

The band's playing 10th song.
I go to restroom.
Doing thing and do a little touch up. 
You're there when i back to my seat.

You're there. 
Standing, smile to me, i can feel it.
Feel an amazing energy from your soul.

I walk towards you, slowly. 
Before i get there, you're already in one knee.
Is it joyful vibe inside my body?
I freeze up but insanely happy.

Would you let me be your first and last husband?
Baby, without thinking i say YES.

We hug.
You kiss me.
Sweet and tenderly.

This is real.
This is happening. 

We live in your most favorite paradise. 
I see your face every day, every morning full of blessing. 
I kiss you forehead, your lips like it will never be enough. 

I make you breakfast.
You're playing around with our cute and smart dogs and cat.
I see you smile before take your first spoon.

I love making delicious foods for you. 
I love making love with you. 
I love you. 
and finally,
You love me more than i ever imagine. 

This is the way universe do magic.
I am so happy.
To the fullest.

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